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UMTv2 / UMTPro - Samsung v0.1

UMTv2 / UMTPro - Samsung v0.1

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UMTv2 / UMTPro - Samsung v0.1
The Ultimate Samsung Tool

This is the first release of UMT Samsung Module.
This Module is a complete rework of Samsung Flasher in UMT GSM Module with lots of enhancements and new features.
Samsung releated functions from UMT GSM will be removed as soon as everything for Samsung is moved to the new module.

Supported Features
- Flash Single / 4 File Firmware
- Fully Customizable Flashing
- Scenario Based Flashing
- Advance Flasher to Flash partiton with files of your choice
- Option to skip reboot, if for example, you are flashing custom recovery
- ENG Root option to root supported models with Factory Binary
- FRP Reset without Data Loss (for supported models)
- FRP Reset (UD Format) for most Samsung Phones
- FRP Reset in ADB Mode, it will auto select method if phone has ENG Root
- Remove MDM Lock (Need Root Access / ENG Root)
- Remove Call Me (Need Root Access / ENG Root)
- Remove Android Locks (Need Root Access / ENG Root)
- Userlock ByPass without Data Loss with Special Firmware
- FRP Lock ByPass with Special Firmware
- Firmware Tool to Create Special Firmware for FRP / Userlock ByPass

Support for New Samsung Firmware Format

Scenario based flashing
User Defined
-- You can select unselect partitons to flash.

Flash All
-- It will flash all partitions in loaded firwmare.

Protect Data
-- This option will keep userdata intact, so you will not loose it.

-- This method will only flash userdata and cache, usefull if you want to refresh device without any risk.

Advance Flasher
- You can list all partition fron device, and then can flash selected partition with files of your choice.

FRP Reset
Format Userdata
- This method is same as New Method FRP Reset introduced in UMT GSM / FRP Module.

ENG Root (No DataLoss)
- This method will flash ENG Root for selected model.
- After Flashing by this method, you can use ADB Method.
- ADB Method will auto identify if device has Root Access, and will use method accordingly

- This method is same as in UMT GSM / FRP Module.
- Only Exynos devices with UFS Chip are supported.

ADB Mode
- This method need ADB connection.
- If you have only ADB Enabled, it will use ByPass method like before.
- If you have applied ENG Root, it will erase FRP Lock instead of bypass.

Remove MDM Lock
- Need ENG Root / Root Access.

Remove Call Me
- Need ENG Root / Root Access.

Remove Android Locks
- Need ENG Root / Root Access.

ScreenLock Reset without DataLoss
- This option will ByPass ScreenLock using Special Firmware.
- You can make Special Firmware yourself from Firmware Tool Tab.
- Special Firmware will also ByPass FRP Lock, you just need to Reset Factory Setting from Settings.

Create FRP + Lock ByPass Firmware
- You can use either Patch SystemUI or Patch LockSettings Method.
- LockSettings Method may cause hang on logo on newer firmware.
- You need COMBINATION and STOCK Firmware to make Special Firmware.
- Both firmware should be closest / same / updated than the Firmware already on Device.


ENG Root for Following Devices/Firmware are included:
- G930W8VLE3CRE3
- G9350ZCE2CRF5
- G935W8VLE3CRE3
- More Root Packs will updated in coming updates.